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I was once a “worn-out” women until I decided to live my life from a place of joy, pleasure and passion. Now I work to help other women do the same.

Because, we are far more than our check-list!

I don’t know about you, but I was conditioned to believe that life was meant to be about hard work, fulfilling obligations and being useful. Joy, pleasure and passion were not a part of the equation. At best, you can achieve contentment and from that comes occasional instances of happiness.

But being safe and content, although absolutely necessary, was no longer enough for me. I wanted to feel alive, not just living. I wanted passion from my life and in my life!

But to do that I needed to embark on a path of transformation.

A path of reclaiming my sense of worth and deservingness. Starting to live a life of passion, joy and pleasure for me meant changing my belief that what I was worth and what I deserved depended only on what I can do rather than on who I am what I can become. 

 A path of self-love and self-care. It took me a long while to realize that when life is about serving others, you tend to forget that you need to give yourself the equal amounts of nourishment, support and love that you give to others.

 A path of setting healthy boundaries and owning my power. To say yes to myself I needed (and still do) to say no to many other things. And I needed to find the courage and power from within to be able to do that.

 And finally, a path of sexual rediscovery. I discovered that owning my sexuality was about owning myself to the fullest. I discovered that by tapping into my sexuality I discovered my deepest blockages, but also the greatest sources of vibrancy. The more integrated I was with my sexuality the more joy, pleasure and passion I invited into my life.

For me a life lived from a place of joy, pleasure and passion is not about perfection. It’s not about having the picture perfect life. It’s about changing the energetic quality of my life. It’s about allowing myself, no matter what happens in my life, to choose my deepest desires and needs; to listen to my heart and to just be me.

 And now I have committed myself to helping other women do the same.

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  • Discover how to reprogram your sense of worth and deservingness and saying "hell yes" to yourself and your desires.

  • Learn how to never ever put yourself last on you to-do-list and developing a regular ritual of self-love and self-care.

  • Find the tools to say no in order to say yes by setting healthy boundaries and knowing what you want.

  •  And finally discover practices to tap into and rediscover your sexual vibrancy because, let's face it, that where the real joy, pleasure and passion come from! 

Alchemy is about transforming elements and turning them into something else. That is the basis of my coaching philosophy. I guide women to find the parts of themselves that no longer serve them and rediscover those parts that have been forgotten. All with the aim of living a life of passion.

Because we deserve no less!

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My coaching approach

  • I am all about change, not about problems - we start off by defining what’s your goal and desire and what’s your definition of a life full of joy, pleasure and passion

  • We work with the mind, heart, body and soul - lasting change is about integrating all parts of the self and getting them in alignment

  • We unblock what is blocked and we reinforce what you already have in you - we all harbour the resources for change - it’s just a matter of finding them

  • I offer a container of safety, compassion and love - all is welcome in our sessions and everything that is experienced is good - true change can only come from embracing every part of ourselves

  • Change requires time and continuity, which is why I offer time-bounded coaching packages - follow-up regular coaching sessions are optional only if you feel you need them

  • At the end of each session we agree on action steps and practices that help further integrate what happens in the sessions and I support you in taking these steps


Who am I?

My name is Samra and I am currently completing my certification requirements to become a Women’s Empowerment and Men’s Sexuality Coach.

I have completed a 600-hour Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Program with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality created and lead my the amazing Layla Martin.

I am also a NLP Practitioner and Wingwave Coach.

Most importantly, I have been where you are and decided to embark on a journey of change and have dedicated myself to helping women (and men) live their lives to the fullest.