Worn-out no more!

If you could define the quality of your life, how would you describe it?

By this I don't mean the material quality of your life, but the energetic quality of your life.

 From what place do you live your life?

 Is it from a place of obligations, of other people's expectations, of other people's needs?

 Do you feel like you give it all, but still feel empty in the end?

 What if you could live your life from a place of joy, pleasure and passion?

 What would that change for you?


Hi! My name is Samra and I was once a worn-out woman … until I decided to live my life from a place of joy, pleasure and passion!


I would feel worthy!

Starting to live a life of passion, joy and pleasure means changing your hard-held belief that what your worth and what you deserve depends only on what you can do rather than who you are and what you can become.


I would put myself first!

When life is about serving others, you tend to forget that caring starts with you. To care for others you need to give yourself equal amounts of nourishment, support and love that you give to others.


I would say no, so i CAN SAY YES!

Saying yes to yourself requires saying no to all the things that are not in service of your thriving. Setting boundaries is about finding the internal courage and power to embrace your desires and fearlessly pursue them.



To fill your life with pleasures means opening yourself to pleasure. When you fully own your sexuality you discover your deepest blockages, but you also unlock the greatest sources of vibrancy. The more integrated you become with your sexuality the more joy, pleasure and passion you invite into your life.